Feet-On-The-Ground Guidance For Sky’s-The-Limit Entrepreneurs

What We Do

We don’t bother trying to be everything for everyone in every place. We leave that to the mega-firms—bureaucratic monstrosities with hundreds of lawyers charging the highest imaginable rates from every possible fancy office location in the region, if not across the country.

Instead, we focus on applying our individual passion, expertise, and keen vision for the right kinds of clients, who truly need the services we offer, so they can have the best opportunity for pursuing their objectives.

Who Needs Us

At Krause Law LLC, we believe the Kansas City region, including the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, and extending to the surrounding communities and universities in Western Missouri, Eastern Kansas and beyond, is emerging as a go-to place for innovative technology and life sciences companies. The entrepreneur ecosystem is in full bloom and growing rapidly, seeded with innovation from area universities and foundations, fertilized by private and public initiatives, and incubated by a business community rich in experience and resources.

The clients we work with tend to look like this:

  • An entrepreneur thinking about an innovative idea and preparing to launch a new business.
  • An early stage business planning for and organizing its relationships with founders, key employees and advisors, and strategic business partners.
  • A company seeking to increase its capital resources through debt or equity financing.
  • An established business that needs the steady advice of a trusted lawyer who knows their business and understands their objectives.

Why It Matters

We see a client-driven demand for the finest-quality legal services, delivered when and as needed, within a fee structure that works for the client. We reject the false choice between poor or inexperienced legal services at an affordable price, and excellent services at prices that only the biggest and most successful companies could ever consider paying. Our lawyers believe our clients deserve a better deal than they have been getting from the big-firm, high-hourly rate, overly-staffed, exorbitant-overhead model.

Here are some of the things that people who know us best are saying.

I can’t say enough good things about Philip Krause because he uniquely understands the entrepreneur’s perspective. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the need for creativity and execution. He knows that entrepreneurs don’t want to hear all the legal problems with their idea, they want solutions. I trust his judgment and appreciate our rapport.

Diana Kander

Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Lecturer
Author of best-selling “all in startup” (, Barnes & Noble, iTunes)
Senior Fellow at Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

I’ve been involved in starting and building a number of technology companies. Philip Krause understands the challenges entrepreneurs face. He’s efficient and effective with his legal services, and provides a practical voice of wisdom, stability and order where chaos can often rule.

Donald R. Peterson

President & CEO
IVXpress, Inc.

I have worked extensively over the years with Philip Krause, as he served as outside general counsel to an animal vaccine company I helped to co-found, and also to the veterinary diagnostic laboratory I manage. I have found Philip to be capable and reliable both in day-to-day business needs, and also in substantial corporate transactions. He successfully guided us through a significant exit transaction, going nose-to-nose with some of the most prominent East Coast, big-firm lawyers. Importantly, he has a commitment to the highest quality service and work product.

Gary A. Anderson

Kansas State University